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Design Brief

The objective was to design an experimental apparatus that could accurately reduce the thickness of a tooth sample to within 0.01mm.


Reverse Engineering

To allow the design and construction of the surrounding components of the experimental rigs, the micrometer had to be digitised by taking exact measurements of all dimensions then transfering this data to the 3D reconstruction. This was started by constructing a plan view of the micrometer.


Individual Components

The central section of the micrometer was constructed separately, this would allow animation of the completed micrometer at a later date if required. For illustration purposes, the position of the gauge could easily be modified.


Linear Rail System

The entire apparatus was secured to a baseboard with a mounting rail which secured the sample and dental handpiece in direct alignment. The apparatus also had to secure the high speed handpiece during operation.

Screenshot 2021-02-06 at 00.41.05.jpg

Final Details

Final adjustments to the design are made to factor in manufacturing tolerances to ensure that the components fit correctly.


Initial Concept

To allow accurate change of dimension, a mechanical micrometer was integrated into the apparatus. In this way, the sample could be advanced in very small increments against the mounted dental bur.


2D to 3D

Once the 2D outline had been constructed, the model was generated by extruding each section to their exact depth. Rounded edges were then replicated with the correct radius to complete the model.


Final Integration

The completed article on display, illustrating how the 3D printed components integrate perfectly with the off the shelf micrometer.


Handpiece Mount

The linear rail system allowed the tooth samples to be positioned perpendicular to the dental handpiece and allowed lateral movements to be made while under the control of the micrometer.


Final Assembly

Tooth Preparation Rig Version 1.0 fully  assembled and in use. The outer assembly contains the spray produced by the handpiece.

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