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Design Brief

The objective was to design an experimental apparatus that could maintain a tooth or material sample at body temperature while all surfaces of the sample and thermocouple were moisture free.


Component Design

The central section, the largest part of the lateral water bath assembly is illustrated below. This was designed in CAD CAM software.


Rendered Sample

The model can also be rendered for inclusion in multimedia presentations and promotional material.


Final Assembly

Teardown of all components ready for final assembly. Also illustrated, the sample slide and water inputs/outputs. Water is maintained at body temperature in a larger holding tank then pumped through the auxiliary tank. The benefit of this design is that materials may be delivered with  gravity into the sample well.


Supply Tank Adv

The advantage of the supply tank is a constant supply of water at the set temperature, its disadvantage is the extra equipment required for assembly and setting up time.


In Operation

The upright version of the 'dry sample' water bath can be seen in operation. The sample is maintained at body temperature for accurate measurement of any temperature changes replicating in vivo conditions.


Initial Concept

Two versions were designed, the first with the sample slide inserted vertically, the second horizontally. Due to the constraints of 3D printing, the lateral water bath was produced in several components that would be assembled later. 


Final Details

Final adjustments to the design are made to factor in manufacturing tolerances to ensure that the components fit correctly.


Finished Component

The finished component after 3D printing, awaiting final assembly.


Finished Apparatus

The finished components after 3D printing, awaiting final assembly. The components are bonding together using adhesive.


Supply Tank Set Up

The supply tank consists of a water tank, a thermostatically controlled water heater together with a water pump that circulates the heated water around a circuit including the test equipment.


Simple Operation

The upright version uses a simple passive water bath where the water is interchanged manually with a large syringe. This functions in its most basic form even without header tank / water heater / pump.

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